Such a bad idea, greatest idea in history

Published January 21, 2017 by krymrgn

Stossell Creek, back in the early 90’s. It would be my first time heading up into the woods with the best friends I’d known since time began. A soon to be husband, attractive guys surrounding me, drinking next to a huge bonfire made with our own hands. It would be a night of learning about each other on a visceral level. Forming bonds that would stand the test of time whether encouraged throughout or not.

Whenever I get a serious case of writer’s block, I go back there. To the impending darkness, that eerie feeling of the trees awakening, and the brush underfoot closing their eyes for the night. Close friend’s shadows overlapping my own in the silver moonlight dappled through the forest greens overhead. The stars twinkling above dusting their own magic throughout the night.

We brought a guitar, because my fiance could rock with one hearing a song and would happily take requests. Laced between originals I insisted he play so I could sing, we drank, we laughed, we hugged and supported each others sorrows.

One of the absolute best times of my life.

One of the most profound experiences I was ever to have occurred on that night. It inspires the horror within me, and provides a safe place to experience the fear once again.


The fire was lit, awakening the shadows of boulders and trees embracing our gathering. Yet when you looked up, the stars sang their song within the galaxy brightly.Happiness enveloped me, how could it not? I walked down a dirt road with hard bodied men beside me, who rejoiced in my ability to walk beside them. The trees formed a gateway up ahead of the dirt road we journeyed down.


I sensed the impending life in the soil awakening and watched with wide eyes, the shadows come alive around us, an dance. Native Warriors raced toward us, with bloodied axes swinging. Shouting their historic battle cries. It affected me as if the warriors were as real as the men beside me.


They believed in my sight, my friends on that night. They embraced my lean toward the night and sights that can awaken and terrify you.


They still inspire me. And I remember.




Research for Work in Progress

Published October 1, 2016 by krymrgn

So I’ve started what will be a series of experiments to inspire the spooky story I am working on. The characters alone are creepy enough, however, I do not want to offend anyone or group when I say “evil Mr. Crowley.” I try to respect everybody, so when I say things about him, if you are a fan, no offense meant. It’s for the purposes of the book, including all this research. It truly is great fun, while scaring myself at the same time. “Write what you know…”

First experiment was to walk the cemetery behind the house where Aleister Crowley stayed and worked on his magic and books. Located in Hebron New Hampshire, is a little white house which was owned by the astrologer Evangeline Adams. Nice back story for her too. So I chose to do this on the night of the Black Moon, last night. September 30, 2016.Β  Black moons are a second “new moon” in a month. Astrologically, the significance of this event ranges from “The End Times” to “it’s a shadow in space.” The energies of such, are supposed to give you a rise in creativity amoungst others things.

I’d also like to note that this is just me with my phone, walking around having fun. It’s very dark (hence black moon eh?) and the lights in the background are from the town. I laughed hysterically. It was great fun. It’s raw, unedited, not meant to be a big deal production. Fair warning. πŸ˜‰

Purpose? Writing inspiration. I’ll look back at the videos and let them inspire me. I certainly already have another new idea because of doing this. That’s neat!

Now, it’s time to get back to writing.

Incidentally, I’ll be posting some footage on facebook.

Hope you enjoy and laugh along with me.

Remember, not meant to offend.




This one scares me…

Published May 1, 2016 by krymrgn

Book three… It’s flowing really well *but* it’s scaring me. Not sure how I feel about that. I have beliefs, that are spiritual, and where my muse has taken me makes me feel funny. So quite honestly I’ve prayed about it and the answer I keep getting is interesting.

Use your gift.” It’s like to me, my Higher Being said, “okay, I‘m going to give you a way to have some fun. Just go for it, enjoy yourself… It’s fiction.”

Then I think about one of the books that inspired me to write.Β  “The Screwtape Letters” By, C. S. Lewis. The whole book is a letter from a higher level demon to his apprentice, so to speak… He tells him how to tempt Christians… So my mind remembers that story and says “uh oh- ”

But there is a deeper feeling. It’s that “intent” business. I also believe that my higher being knows my intent. Of course the road to hell is paved with good intentions right?Β  No, we can only do what we can do, what comes out of us.

If your gift scares you, and it’s suppose to scare other people. On purpose. Then you are on the right track. I mean think about Steven King! Think your Higher Being is going to say, “you wrote words and scared people… those words were violent and bad…” whatever… No I can’t see that happening at all.

So this third book is making me nervous because I can make a statement with it. I know what I want that statement to be, and I hope I can write it in such a way that it doesn’t offend anyone, but stays true to myself.

I also hope it scares you , if you enjoy that, as much as itΒ  is scaring me… πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the read;


Remember that part…

Published April 24, 2016 by krymrgn

in Eat Pray Love, where Julia Roberts is in India, inside a meditation room, thinking about decorating her own room… That is so me today. I need to get a couple things done here but I’m totally stuck, so I started thinking about how I could decorate my writing room.

Not so helpful.. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the read;


To all my FB buddies

Published April 23, 2016 by krymrgn

So I just had a horrible thing happen. Phone completely died on me. However it made me realize something. You guys, all my facebook friends out there- I care a lot about you. LOL. When I couldn’t use my phone because it had died- I went crazy- went nuts… (yes Prince reference) because I couldn’t see what was going on with everyone. Prayers might be needed for some, encouragement… congratulations… And I couldn’t see it!

Drove me batty it did.

So I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out- a Hey! Because all of my facebook friends really mean something to me.

So I’m not asking for a copy and paste deal, I’m not asking for anything. I just hope you know how much each one of you, and being able to see what is happening in your lives, means to me. Whether we chat of not, whether I always comment or not, you mean something to me.


So thanks for being my friend on Facebook. You really make a difference in my life.

And thanks for reading these, and my books.Β  Someday soon I will make it so that I can be a full time writer- no matter what the cost. I’ve discussed it with my family. They all agree that I am the most happy when writing. I am sane. “”



So thank you- thanks for being there- thanks for posting about your life and all your pictures, thanks for posting videos that always make me laugh, and thanks for the memes that always get me.


Thank you readers. Thank you facebook friends. I’ll be back with a phone that I can check up on you all with at work, very soon. Thanks for being there and giving me something to look forward to each day.


Thanks again for the read-



Kinda Important…

Published March 26, 2016 by krymrgn

I have something I feel is important to share today. Lately, I have had some issues with writing. Had tons on my mind. Fighting a cold, things at work were difficult (though now better) and I just felt down inside. But I didn’t know it. Yeah I know, weird not to know, but it wasn’t a conscious feeling of “oh blah blah, I’m sad- poor me” nor was actual depression. I would label it as stress that I was just dealing with, and it was weighing me down. The important thing to take away is, I was just going along, dealing “” with things- (yes the quotes are supposed to be there). I was feeling stress so deep that it felt like normal. That the right word? Not sure but it was not a conscious feeling, nor different. It felt normal. (now THAT is sad. lol)

So finally I found a break in my research, and the muse started going again. Got out my computer and started writing. Really got into book 2, could see which story lines I was going to use, what scenes and when, and just wrote.

Then something else happened. When I shut my computer, my eyes were a little more open, I had a smile on my face, and felt down right lighter inside. That’s when it hit me. All the little memes on FB- started making a lot of sense. “Writer’s MUST write.” We absolutely must because it hurts us inside, even if its only subconsciously to “not”. It effects our lives in general if we don’t. Difficult things are more stressful, sad things are more sorrowful, and coping skills can be non existent without writing.

Then I thought, “What if you aren’t a writer?”

Same thing applies, to whatever your passion is. If your passion is taking pictures, TAKE PICTURES. They don’t have to be good, they don’t have to be “for” a purpose other than simply clicking that button, and doing it. If you are a runner, RUN! If you are a collector, COLLECT. Actively participate in your passion, because it WILL have an effect on you, even if you don’t realize something needs to move you because your mind and heart are busy elsewhere “dealing”.

My first book in the children’s karate series- designed to help give kids ideas on how to deal with bullies, other than fighting them; (The Spirit Dragon) really focused on this, but I guess I needed a reminder.

It is so important to do what you love- not your job/work… but what you love. Maybe painting puts a smile on your face. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly awesome amazing painting. Just paint!

And now I’m going to do something terrible to you because it hit my mind and now I will have it stuck in my head all day. And I am just evil enough to do it to you too- if you are old enough for it-

The point of this blog is reminding me of a song. A long ago, beloved ballad at the time.


“Sing, Sing a song, make it simple, to last your whole life long…..Don’t worry that it’s not good enough, for any one else to hear….. Just sing…… sing a song! la la la la la… la la la la la la…..” (if you are young enough to have no idea what song that is- look up Karen Carpenter “Sing”)

Basically means the same thing- do what is going to make you happy without worrying about anyone else. Do it for you- because we all can use all the help with stress that we can get. πŸ˜‰

Now, today. I have tons of writing to do and I’m excited to get to it. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the read;



Published March 12, 2016 by krymrgn

Did you know it takes 50 reviews on Amazon to get your work added to the “you might like this too” list? I didn’t until recently and now I’m on a mission. Authors and reviewers, leave your links to your work, and let’s start helping each other.

First, leave a link to your work, so we know what you need reviewed. Each author, including myself of course, will choose a book, to read and review- if your book/link is chosen for a review- (as will be listed) grab the authors book who chose to review you- and review something of theirs.

Sharing links helps- reviewing helps- so I’m opening this blog and my author page to all those looking for those reviews. Looking for those shares. I will share- and I hope you will share mine as well.

Let’s help each other-

I’m game if you are- our fb posts shouldn’t be all buy mine! The more we share and review- the more readers will know about the books we are writing to entertain them.

Okay- GO!


Thanks for the read;


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